Top 5 trends that’ll change HR in 2018


Here’s a quick look at what we feel could be the top 5 HR trends to watch out for in 2018.

1.Big data to bring in more value to the organization

It’s a late goodbye to tons of paperwork and managing large employee teams. Big data is here and advanced assessment suites now help HR professionals with data crunching and analytics capabilities across various job levels.

2.Managing work-from-home employees

In a dynamically changing workplace, Indian companies are experimenting with new-age work practices and an increasing trend of a larger percentage of employees working from home. It is going to be a challenge for HR managers to learn the new and get used to handling offsite employees.

3.Brand HR

Millennials have a unique personality. They do their research, they’re smart and multi-task efficiently. To attract a workforce that has grown up with technology and social media, HR professionals have to work doubly hard to make their organizations a desirable workplace.

HR marketers will use social media channels to effectively reach out and pitch their company to savvy candidates across platforms. Using current employees as brand ambassadors on social media is the new trend in lending a people-first approach to the organization.

4. Mobile recruitment will dominate 2018

India records for the 2nd highest mobile phone usage in the world. Access to a smartphone is no longer a stronghold of the urban, it has made in-roads into the remotest corners of India. The trend of the job hunt is increasing on mobile, because of the privacy and accessibility it offers to the candidate. Be ready to go mobile!

5.Rethinking traditional models of hiring

Say goodbyes to paperwork and time-consuming processes. Automated processes and smart applicant tracking systems can electronically ensure that you save more time and the staffing process is more streamlined. This is a key trend that will drive talent acquisition in unprecedented ways.