Paper has been the traditional method of conducting evaluations. Now a new trend of online tests leads the lists.

There are many online test and assessment solutions that evaluate the degree to which an employee’s competencies have contributed to achieving the objectives in a job. Where does this trend come from and what are the advantages of implementing these tools?

The global interconnectivity, the technological advancements and the accessibility to computers have resulted in the growth of companies. Current organizations require faster decisions and, therefore, obtain quick results from human talent evaluations. For this reason, the digital evaluation of talent has become the best alternative for companies increasing their human capital and where leaders call for an increase in the speed of results.

The sectors that use the Online Test and Assessment Solution the most to evaluate the knowledge of their employees are IT/ITes, BFSI, Hospitality, Manufacturing, and E-commerce. Not all tests are automated due to the nature of administration, for example- if a test uses manipulatives, it might be difficult to digitize that process. These types of tests can only be used when hiring for niche roles in a small organization. For large organizations, digital tests are the way to. In the business sector, an attractive aspect of online testing is its ability to provide suggestions used to modify corporate processes and increase the performance of human talent.


  • Online tests equip companies with valid assessments and increase their degree of reliability.
  • People can take this personal selection or certification tests anywhere in the world and get the results in seconds.
  • Also, the use of computers allows us to use resources that are not available in paper tests such as filming, recordings, or 3D animations.
  • With the advent of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality testing candidates for filling a niche, roles become easier.
  • Online tests increase the efficiency of taking exams. For example, with the paper and pencil tests, mistakes often occur when marking an answer on the answer sheet, when the intention was to score another. This error is eliminated with the use of the computer.
  • The mistake of leaving new questions is also reduced as an online evaluation show which items have been answered and which have not. Also, the error produced by not wholly erasing a response or by not entirely blackening the bubble corresponding to the reaction is eliminated.
  • Online tests take less time than paper tests, probably because responding with a click next to the alternative is much faster than locating and filling in bubbles in the answer sheet.
  • When an organization conducts mass recruitment drives, the overall cost which it incurs in the process is greatly reduced with online assessments.
  • Reports can be generated on the fly which helps organizations reduce turnaround time when recruiting.

The online tests are not only used in selection processes. There are also online evaluations of performance, personality, ability, and intelligence, among others. All focused on equipping business leaders with detailed reports to make more informed decisions.


Author: Bharath Iyer