While most recruiters would agree that the major challenges they face while recruiting is sourcing and retaining talent, the key driver that can make life easier for the recruiter is technology. With the influx of products – web and app-based, technology can no longer be wished away as something that has no relevance for HR.

The future is indeed going to make life easier for recruiters.

Welcome to the world of Mobile recruitment solutions.

Digital has turned out to be an unlikely saviour for the recruiter today. Till recently the app market was flooded with ‘job search’ apps. Yet, there was none for ‘candidate search’. Now, with key players in the market providing such solutions, mobile recruitment landscape is changing. Apps are being developed whose primary focus is on sourcing, engaging and hiring candidates all on handheld devices.

Mobile recruitment strategies are also fitting into the limited budgets of most organizations. With the reduced cost of hiring, recruiters can now invest in planning hiring processes that would transform their talent strategies. Simpler application processes are being developed, reducing the complexity of hiring and enhancing the candidate experience.

Organisations must wake up to the ever-evolving space of recruitment and hiring. It is the need of the hour to re-evaluate hiring strategies and keep up with newer trends to get access to the best talent pool. Mobile recruitment coupled with social media hiring is also an excellent strategy to gain a better candidate pool. Some apps are being developed where geo-tagging is being used to help candidates filter down their searches and provide location specific search results.

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 Shashir Shetty