Our assessment centre model focuses on building a relationship with the organization through three steps – assessment, feedback and ‘on-the-ground’ solutions – to help organizations select and develop the right talent for their business.

Assess We follow a collaborative approach towards designing the assessment centre, taking into account perspectives and insights of function heads and other key stakeholders. The assessment tools used are a combination of online psychometric tests that are mapped to client’s competencies and customized techniques that are highly relevant to the client context, such as case study, role-play, group simulation, and competency-based interviewing.

We employ our own well-researched and validated psychometric tests that are used to assess a wide range of skills such as communication, critical thinking and problem solving, along with behavioral attributes and values. Our clients benefit from the fact that we integrate our own assessments in the assessment centre process – they get access to local and international data, bench-marking as a service, and tests that are adapted for the Indian corporate culture.

Analyze – Our team of subject matter experts and psychologists run statistical analyses on the assessment centre results to obtain scientifically valid findings. The conclusions are shared with both management and candidates in form of individual feedback reports, group feedback reports and management diagnostic reports.

Assist – We design and implement development initiatives and support our clients enhance employee performance through continuous improvement. We also encourage our clients to periodically assess the impact of these initiatives, ensure such initiatives are incorporated in the organization as a best practice and that these initiatives are in sync with desired performance standards. We use the data obtained from such development initiatives for our own research and validation, in order to evolve and improve the effectiveness of our assessment centre solutions.

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