Benefits of Digitizing the Talent Assessment Process


Digitizing the human Talent Assessment process is key to advancing with the rapidity demanded by today’s technological changes. To keep up with the changing times, employees are encouraged to use these next generation of collaborative tools, such as digital boards, shared documents in the cloud, video conferences, among other devices that promote interaction in real-time without the need to share the same physical space. This has greatly increased the efficiency and accountability of employees in every organization, resulting in cost reduction.

This technology has been slowly making its way into the talent management and assessment process as well.

Where and how is this happening?

Online candidate sourcing:

Companies these days are mostly sourcing candidates through online job portals and campus recruitment. The job portals have started using advanced technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence to help recruiters get better matches.

Online and remote assessment and selection

Once the recruiters have identified candidates who match their criteria, the next step is to conduct assessments. The assessments are generally done on-site or remotely. All Pearson TalentLens assessments are online which makes it easy for the recruiters and the candidates to take or administer them. This significantly reduces the time and cost of test administration and allows recruiters to reach candidates from anywhere in India.  This helps optimize the entire talent assessment process.

Report generation and interpretation

Earlier, recruiters had to manually score and generate reports before they could start shortlisting candidates. Today, all of that is automated and reports are instantly generated. This is significant when it comes to having a shorter turnaround time. Pearson assessments also come with detailed interpretation of the assessments which further reduces the time taken to further shortlist employees. When an organization identifies a great candidate, they must come back quickly with offers or that candidate might be poached by someone else.

The interview

Gone are the days of face to face interviews. Today, most of the interviews are conducted remotely where the candidates are either on a telephonic call or on video conference. But this form of remote interviewing has been going on for some time and there are instances of malpractice and breach of security which can be avoided through remote proctoring.

Learning and development in the talent management process.

Talent management does not end at recruitment. Employees need to be given opportunities to learn and grow their skills in the organization. There are many solutions like Pearson Online English which improves English proficiency.

Leadership Identification

The final step in talent management is the identification of leaders. Using assessments like HIVE, SOSIE, Watson Glaser – III, and Golden personality type profiler. These assessments have the highest quality in terms of validity and reliability.

Author: Bharath Iyer