Spoken English: The Latest Universal Recruitment Requisite


Today English has become more than just a language for communication. In a country like India, with more than 20 recognized languages, English is now considered as the most commonly used language in India after Hindi. Today, English as a language helps in broadening an individual’s world, especially with the advent of social media. English becomes the only choice when traveling to countries with a different dialect.

Education and work skills are always seen as an essential factor in the workplace environment. Even more so today as companies give more priority to English and on the ability of the candidate to proficiently communicate in English. As the whole world is connected through the net, there are prospects of finding jobs and opportunities online. On the topic of work, freelancing and working virtually is the latest trend and has caught up at a rapidly fast way. It is for all the above that excellent communication is a must-have requirement and thus companies rely on online English assessments to assess the communication skills of the prospects.


Online English Assessments are used at times when recruiters need candidates with excellent English communication skills but don’t have the time for assessing them personally. They provide an array of tests, making it suitable for both native speakers and non-native English speakers.


The Versant English Assessment offered by TalenLens, are used to filter out candidates, which aids the employers to interview only the candidates who have excellent communication skills. This assessment saves the recruiter time and money on interviewing the unfit prospects. Their tests measure the candidate’s spoken English skills swiftly, accurately, and reliably. Many MNCs are using tests offered by TalentLens for enhancing their hiring process.

The Versant English Assessment can be accessed by candidates over remotely from anywhere. Hence hiring agencies need not spend resources on arranging test centers. Furthermore, their tests and evaluations are completely fool-proof, making it a more suitable choice for recruiters. A Candidate can take his/her test at any time of the day and from any place. The evaluations are scientifically done, and the results generated are data-backed making it more reliable and trustworthy. The company also provides consultation services for those who need external assistance.


Companies such as TalentLens offer tests like Versant English Assessments, which are entirely automated and used to assess the spoken English skills of the candidate. The tests are recorded and evaluated by the V, and it generates a detailed report on the prospect’s fluency and understanding of communicative English. Online English Assessments are easy to conduct and easy to evaluate. It assesses the candidate’s ability to understand spoken English as well as assess the person’s ability to speak correctly.

The solutions provided by TalentLens for hiring managers are hassle-free and straightforward. Moreover, we offer complete support in the functioning of the software throughout the tests. Their services help recruiters make better hiring, thus improving organizations’ productivity, and reducing employee attrition. They are committed to helping companies succeed by assisting them to gain a deeper understanding of a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses. Further, assisting the recruiter in analyzing whether the candidates will be able to align themselves with the organization’s work culture.