English Communication Assessment

Today’s corporate world runs on the play of words and language, where globally, around 360 million people in more than 100 countries have chosen English as their first language. Furthermore, 743 million people have chosen English as their second language for verbal communication. English is considered as an official language in 59 countries.

India alone accounts for 125 million English speakers in the country. Despite it being labeled as a third world country, India is developing its economic and corporate structure rapidly, fostering economic and financial growth and also becoming the newest popular destination hub for a lot of startups and MNCs.

Success in business hinges on just one simple word – Communication. 80% of the global business-related work is done in English. About 1.5 billion employees prefer speaking in English. It is one of the primary spoken languages. Today the world is too busy and huge for one on one conversation. To make you successful here, you have to make global connections and correctly express yourself.

You might have one of the best ideas. However, what about presenting those ideas? To communicate with everyone and to express your thoughts, properly knowing and speaking good English plays a pivotal role; be it big MNCs, or start-ups, or even Government offices. According to the number of users English tops as a language over the Internet. Now everybody prefers to run their own business via the internet, where more than 55% of the content is in English.


Benefits of having a workforce with good English comprehension:

  • Reduce errors caused due to communication gaps between employees.
  • Employees in customer-facing roles better understand customer needs.
  • Employees with excellent communication skills increase the brand equity of the company.
  • Reduces costs related to creating content in other languages.


Enter Voxy, your English Comprehension assistant and evaluator

Voxy always believes in providing long term commitment with a promise to make you active in the international markets. More than 4million people among 150 countries chose Voxy solutions to improve their spoken English Skills. Voxy has a personalized curriculum which contains 55,000+ hours of learning from videos, conversations, and news article. To assess your proficiency level it provides Voxy Proficiency Assessment regularly.


Advantages of learning in Voxy Solutions:


  • Mobile and web-based app, applicants can take lessons anytime
  • Live instructions round the clock
  • Content at scale provides a rich library

Personalized curriculum:

  • Adaptive lessons for machine learning insights
  • Certified native speaking teachers for individual feedback
  • Patented technology tailors experiences for everyone


  • First, understand the problem using the command center
  • Data collected from online learning drive business insight
  • Customer and learner success guide your team to grow

Real-world Impact:

  • Effective task-based education
  • Career aligned content applies to the work your employee does now
  • Live instructions improve job performance


Voxy follows a dynamic way to nurture your English skills. Voxy Solution provides a long term focus to break the language barrier for you in the workplace. It also offers career aligned courses in Business, Financial Services, Customer Service, IT Helpdesk, Digital Marketing, Tourism & Hospitality, Oil & Gas, and Healthcare, etc.

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