Versant™ enables you to assess all the levels of the English communication skills of a candidate.

Versant™ is created by leading language testing experts and built on the patented Ordinate® testing system, evaluates the English communication skills of people whose native language is not English.

Such as Corporations, government agencies, and academic institutions throughout the world use VersantTM to evaluate the ability of students, staff, or employees to understand their ability to communicate clearly and appropriately in English.

Objectively Test English Speaking Skills

VersantTM measure candidates on the following areas of communication:

  • Speaking
    Ensure your new hires and students can be easily understood when they communicate with customers, co-workers, or other students.
  • Listening
    Check if job candidates and students can understand what they hear on the phone with customers, or in class during a lecture.
  • Reading
    Confirm that staff and students understand what they are reading, whether its emails from customers or co-workers, lecture notes, or assignments.
  • Writing
    Evaluate how clearly and effectively an employee can write emails or provide real-time chat support to customers.

Versant saves time and improves the hiring process

Use the fully automated Versant Tests to screen any number of candidates and make sure that you interview only those with sufficient communication skills when interviewing time is limited. The tests are simple and intuitive for native speakers and proficient non-native speakers of English. Items have been reviewed for fairness and bias-free usage.

How does it work?

This image how Versant test works. Candidate access the test, then respond to questions and Versant record the score of candidate.

 Variations of the Versant test