What does SOSIE measure?

SOSIE is much richer than just a simple personality measure as it identifies both an individual’s traits and their interpersonal and personal values, which are important in interactions with others and drive personal motivators.

The three areas of measurement are:

  1. Personality Traits

  2. Interpersonal Values

  3. Personal Values



SOSIE can be used for recruitment, career guidance, personal and leadership development, and coaching.



  • SOSIE helps recruiters formulate hypotheses about behaviors and values which can be explored further at the interview stage of recruitment.
  • SOSIE helps professionals in charge of recruitment to predict behaviors and the adaptation to an organizational environment, company, team, or to a job.
  • It helps to indicate the leadership style and how the candidate will play a role within a team.
  • Because of the forced-choice nature of the items in SOSIE, it is difficult for candidates to fake responses.


Career Guidance:

  • SOSIE helps guidance professionals to understand the resources of a person in terms of his/her areas of strength and weakness, and to define the professional environment within which the person will feel most effective and comfortable.
  • By investigating the values, SOSIE helps HR professionals when working on the motivation and aspirations of the person, and helps identify the needs of the person in terms of their preferred professional working environment.
  • SOSIE captures not only the stable (personality related) dynamic of the person but also the current (values-driven) dynamic. This helps form discussions about how important values are and where they can be modified.



  • SOSIE helps development professionals and the people they are working with to be more aware of their strengths and weaknesses in terms of self-organization, adaptability, emotional adjustment, sociability, communication, teamwork, and management.
  • By investigating the values, SOSIE helps professionals to understand how the environment impacts the present way of working of the person and their well-being at work.
  • SOSIE can be used with a 360 instrument to look at how people view themselves (via self-reporting) versus how others view them.