Raven’s is a gold standard, highly trusted assessment that helps organizations measure cognitive abilities required for performing in job roles and training courses such as, lateral thinking, learning new concepts, quickly solving complex problems and tasks without drawing on prior knowledge.



Compared with other assessments, RAVEN’S is one of the most proven predictors of performance in roles requiring these abilities. APM-III allows assessors to easily administer the online tests of this non-verbal assessment to any number of test takers for unsupervised remote completion.

APM is a new item-banked version of the assessment with instructions and reports available in more than 12 languages. The questions are drawn from a large bank of items so that no two test-takers receive the same set of questions, which protects the integrity of the test. For users of the prior version, RAVEN’S APM III is equivalent in length and difficulty to the previous fixed-form edition.

  • Assesses lateral thinking ability.
  • Analyzes the ability to solve new and complex problems without drawing on prior knowledge.
  • Predicts the likelihood of grasping new concepts quickly.


This is the sample image of Raven’s Advanced Progressive Matrices Assessment