Numerical reasoning assessments are widely used to measure potential and offer recruiters more information about an applicant’s likely ability to perform effectively in a role. Pearson TalentLens has developed NDIT which has a contemporary theme, is scored using state of the art Item Response Theory, and contains both multiple-choice format items and a number of free response questions – which minimizes guessing the correct answer.


There are many benefits such as:

  • Reduces hiring and time costs
  • Quickly sifts out unsuitable candidates
  • Improves candidate quality at the final stage of the recruitment
  • Determines candidates’ ability to interpret data under time pressure
  • Free test platform access for orders of 30 units or more

About Numerical Data Interpretation Test(NDIT):

  • Online – unsupervised
  • Ideal for graduate and managerial sifting
  • Scored using Item Response Theory
  • 21 items, timed (30 mins max)
  • Free response and multiple-choice questions
  • Questions of varying difficulty and format
  • Reports available immediately via the platform
  • It can be linked to Applicant Tracking Systems

Numerical Data Interpretation Test(NDIT) measures candidates’ ability to:

  • Draw appropriate inferences from data
  • Calculate values using basic arithmetic operators and work with decimals and fractions
  • Understand information presented in tables, charts ad graphs
  • Identify when additional data is required to draw particular assumptions