Leaders who have used the Golden Personality Profiler find it a key starting point for individual or team development. Understanding what makes an individual unique lead to greater self-acceptance, and to value the differences of others. These are key factors impacting team performance as well as supporting health and well-being at work.

Used by organizations in all sectors, the Golden Personality Profiler™ is one of the most in-depth personality assessments available to learning and development professionals to support coaching and mentoring activities. Powered by Jung’s Theory of Type as well as the Five-Factor Model of personality, Golden identifies both a 4-letter Jungian type and the 5th element for stress while offering I8 sub facets that describe the unique personality of each individual.

The assessment comes with powerful reporting options for both individuals and teams:

  • Delivers in-depth insights about personality to support coaching and mentoring activities.
  • 4-letter Jungian type and the 5th dimension for stress, plus 18 personality traits.
  • Highly relevant for professional development at all stages of career; relevant to all job levels.
  • 25-30 minutes, untimed.
  • Available in English (US, UK, Australian, Indian), French, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish and Danish.
  • Free support materials, guides, and technical manuals.
  • Reporting options for both individuals and teams.


This image show the Golden Personality Test features


This image shows the example explanation about the Golden Personality Profiler

This image is a map of sixteen types. This is an individual report


The Golden Individual report provides actionable insights step by step to help understand the person’s unique characteristics.


This is the team facilitator report. Its a summary report in detail


The Golden Team Facilitator report help to quickly identify a team’s strengths and resources, as well as its potential weaknesses and potential blind spots. It also provides content that can be passed to the team members when relevant.