For the dynamic IT landscape, Pearson has developed the Employability Tests (ET; ET-IT) to assist HR professionals in the process of selecting Information Technology (IT) professionals for five broad categories:
1. Research and Development Engineers
2. Business Analysts
3. Software Developers
4. Systems Administrators
5. Technical Support

The ET-IT assesses employability factors that are important for IT successes

1. Problem Solving Ability
Focuses on cognitive aspects of perceiving and thinking clearly, effectively analyzing complex and novel information to formulate new concepts, and generating viable solutions.

2. Problem Solving Style
Focuses on problem-solving behaviours, approaching complex issues logically, seeking out in-depth analysis, producing and embracing new or creative ideas.

3. Self-Motivation
Taking on challenges, keeping focused on goals in the face of obstacles, and completing tasks.

4. Teamwork
Collaborating with others; working in a cooperative and coordinated way to achieve shared goals.

5. Learning Orientation
Staying open to new ways of doing things and up-to-date with the latest developments.

6. Independence
Working on own, with minimum guidance or supervision, and taking the initiative to get things done.

7. Customer Orientation
Showing concern for customers’ needs and issues, building strong customer relationships and working diligently to help them.

8. Organization
Planning and working towards goals in a systematic and structured way to ensure completion.