For the dynamic IT landscape, Pearson TalentLens has developed the Employability Tests (ET; ET-IT) to assist HR professionals in the process of selecting Information Technology (IT) professionals for five broad categories such as:

1. Research and Development Engineers
2. Business Analysts
3. Software Developers
4. Systems Administrators
5. Technical Support


The ET-IT assesses employability factors that are important for IT successes:


1. Problem Solving Ability:
Focuses on cognitive aspects of perceiving and thinking clearly, effectively analyzing complex and novel information to formulate new concepts, and generating viable solutions.

2. Problem Solving Style:
Focuses on problem-solving behaviors, approaching complex issues logically, seeking out in-depth analysis, producing, and embracing new or creative ideas.

3. Self-Motivation:
Taking on challenges, keeping focused on goals in the face of obstacles, and completing tasks.

4. Teamwork:
Collaborating with others; working in a cooperative and coordinated way to achieve shared goals.

5. Learning Orientation:
Staying open to new ways of doing things and up-to-date with the latest developments.

6. Independence:
Working on own, with minimum guidance or supervision, and taking the initiative to get things done.

7. Customer Orientation:
Showing concern for customers’ needs and issues, building strong customer relationships, and working diligently to help them.

8. Organization:
Planning and working towards goals in a systematic and structured way to ensure completion.