Why is Critical thinking important?

Organizations with improved critical thinking capabilities among their employees witness a positive impact on their organization’s bottom line. They are able to:

Get an edge over the competition by demonstrating effective and well-reasoned problem-solving  skills to the market and clients

Build lasting and improved decision-making skills among their employees

Get improved outputs from team meetings and brainstorming sessions

Foster innovation by focusing on creative ideas that are practically feasible

Build an organizational culture that can sustain critical thinking for better results


Benefits of attending the Workshop

The workshop attendees learn to apply Pearson’s simplified RED model of Critical Thinking to workplace situations and beyond. They are able to:

Dissect complex issues to develop out-of-the box-situations

Make better real-life business decisions

Exhibit improved strategic thinking

Get better at planning and implementation

Avoid biases from affecting their approach to situations at work

Contribute better to the organization’s growth


This image is showing keys to Critical Thinking- Recognize Assumptions, Evaluate Arguments, Draw Conclusions


Who should attend?


Young leaders

Mid to senior-level managers

Team managers.

All participants will be given a Critical Thinking Assessment before they attend the workshop to gauge their ability to think critically.



What is Critical Thinking?

What is the link between Critical Thinking and Job Performance?

Fallacies associated with Critical Thinking

Understanding the Pearson R.E.D model

Personality and Critical thinking

Understanding the Decision-Making Process

The success of an organization depends on the quality of thinking and the decisions made by everyone for the business. Steer your talent towards success with Pearson’s Critical Thinking workshop.