The 16 Personality Factor Questionnaire (16PF) is a personality test with 16 personality traits. The 16PF is used for various kinds of testing, including pre-employment and promotion testing, coaching and career development. 

Importance of Personality Assessment for Organisation’s Success

  • Leadership
  • Team Work
  • Sales Performance
  • Training Success
  • Creativity
  • Emotional Stability
  • Overall Job Performance

Delivers objective, empirical measurement of the personality traits that enable you to select and develop the people who will help your organization thrive and succeed.

Instills confidence in making the right selection decisions and development investments due to thorough validation and breadth of insight.

Increases Self-Awareness
Increases self-awareness by measuring an individuals strengths as well as areas for development.

Generates numerous report options from one test administration, making it useful for screening, selection, identification of high potentials. leadership development, and coaching.

Measures 16 different primary personality characteristics structured around the Big Five” global factors of personality.

Facilitates global implementation with online availability in 20+ languages. each indMdualty researched and validated.

Facilitates Interviews
Encourages structured and insightful interviews with prompts based upon an individual’s 1 6PF results.

Assesses what a person WILL do. not just what they CAN do.

Supports competency-based assessment to ensure the right job and organization fit.

16PF Competitiveness

  • Research validation for trait-based personality
  • Years of proven success
  • Loyal and enduring consultants
  • Price

16PF Questionnaire – Talent Management Assessment

  • Competency Report
  • Management Potential Report
  • Profile and Manager Feedback Report (Plus)
  • Career Development Report
  • Leadership Coaching Report
  • Teamwork Development Report
  • Comprehensive Insights Report