Shift in skills – Manufacturing needs a new breed of employees

The Make in India project is rightly considered one of the most innovative global projects. It is said that the project will significantly increase the employment opportunities for the country. The recruitment professionals in this space have an important role to play.

The biggest challenge in a modern manufacturing facility is to optimize supply in order to meet ever-changing demands. This mandates the use of technology that allows flexibility in supplier, manufacturing and distribution networks.

Gone are the days when brawn and loyalty alone could predict success in this space. The advent of technology has created new roles critical to today’s modern manufacturing facility (i.e. design, engineering, logistics, supply chain automation, etc.) demand. Successful employees are required to bring much more to the table.
Hence, effectively meeting the challenges of modern manufacturing has become much more than bricks and mortar issue because success now requires personnel who have what it takes to blend their mastery of technology with rapid but sound decision making.

Fortunately, the combination of new technology and 100 years of scientific evidence supporting what is known as the “predictive model” can be leveraged to create timely, relevant recruitment and staffing programs for today’s savvy manufacturing and production organizations.

How do you identify candidates who have what it takes for success in a manufacturing role?

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