Automation of Recruitment assessment


Do you know that 72% of HR-experts believe that the lack of automation of personnel management negatively affects the success of the company? The figures are dangerous, so we decided to figure out what, in the work of an HR specialist, can be automated and if it can be done without any additional costs.

Choosing the right candidate can help increase the productivity, profitability of a business, and increase employee loyalty. A wrong hire usually results in significant staff turnover or insufficient competence of employees which ultimately leads to revenue loss.

The process of recruitment begins with the description of the vacancy and its analysis of the corresponding situation in the personnel market and the needs of the company. If necessary, the vacancy description is adjusted in the search process. Then the stage of the search for candidates begins.

Among the few Recruitment Testing Companies in India, Pearson TalentLens offers assessments that are scientifically validated and most reliable to ensure the best quality. These assessments are very effective in optimizing your recruitment process and helping you identify the great from the good.

Using Recruitment Testing Companies in India in your selection process is a significant saving of time and money, as it helps simplify your operations and helps in the identification of the actions that return benefits, but those are not the only advantages that Pearson assessments bring us. Some of the other advantages of using our recruitment assessments and solutions are the following:

1. Test administration

Currently, the biggest issue that HR professionals face in administering tests manually to each candidate that they want to assess. This is time-consuming when mass recruitment is being conducted, not to mention costly. Our online assessments significantly simplify this entire process, resulting in the reduction of valuable time and money.

2. Ease of access

Our assessments can be administered from any device or location. Thus, helping HR professionals reach candidates from across the globe.

3. Instant report generation and interpretation

As soon as a candidate takes the assessment, the reports are instantly generated and interpreted for the HR professional so that the time is taken to conclude whether or not a candidate is selected or not is cut down.

Author: Bharath Iyer