Increasing the efficiency of candidate selection through automation.


Have you ever seen a mass recruitment drive being held at an event or at your office? If you are an HR professional, the chances are that you have. Over the years, companies that conduct mass recruitment have embraced technology to help them shortlist candidates but every step after that has been a manual affair especially the recruitment assessment and selection process. 


For a long time, the common practice in the recruitment process has been when candidates have been shortlisted for a job, they go through several rounds of interviews before some of them are selected. This practice of multiple interviews was supposed to weed out the candidates that aren’t a good match for the role. But, there are some problems with that:

  1. The personality of a candidate is very difficult to ascertain based on one on one interviews. Irrespective of how many interviews you have, you can get only a basic idea of how the person you are interviewing would fit into your job.
  2. The time and effort that must go into organizing the drive are high. Most of the time is spent on the organizing part rather than the interviewing part.
  3. Many times, when candidates are made to wait for hours to be interviewed, they might get a negative outlook on the company which might lead to the company losing a good candidate.
  4. There is a big cost involved in conducting multiple rounds of interviews especially when you conduct a mass recruitment drive.
  5. The bias of the interviewer also plays a role when a candidate is being considered for a position. If the recruiter is biased towards a candidate, whether it may be positive or negative bias, the candidate might be getting selected or rejected for the wrong reasons.
  6. Fatigue is another factor that plays a role when it comes to mass recruitment. A tired recruiter might not be at the top of their game towards the end of the day.


There are many more issues that we could bring up here, but I think it’s safe to say that you get the point. Now, how do you overcome these problems and recruit high-quality candidates at the same time? Automating a part of the recruitment assessment and selection process could help mitigate some of the issues Indian companies face during mass recruitment drives. Many people think that bringing automation into recruitment might mean job loss but on the contrary, automation just means you do the same things you have been doing but in a more efficient and effective manner.

When we talk about automation, we are not talking about some all-knowing AI computer that just picks the best guy for the job. No, we are talking about using high-quality psychometric assessments that give you a detailed report on everything about the candidate including but not limited to Communication, Cognition, Personality, Job fitness, ability, interest, etc.


Recruitment assessments in India have been a new phenomenon in the past 5-10 years and more and more Indian companies are integrating automated recruitment assessments into their recruitment process to help mitigate all the issues that we just saw. These assessments can help you select the best candidates not only at the entry-level but can be used at the mid and senior level where even leadership skills are assessed. To learn more about recruitment assessments in India, click on the assessments tab in the site navigation.


Author: Bharath Iyer