Psychometric Tests: A Recruitment Necessity

Psychometric assessments are no longer a novel concept. Anyone who has appeared for job interviews in the recent past has been subject to these tests. These assessments play a crucial role in the overall recruitment process today. They are being used by most organizations and other hiring agencies, to assess the cognitive ability of candidates in solving complex problems. Moreover, these assessments are usually time-bound, making sure it assesses the candidates accurately; on how well they cope up with the pressure of time. Whether you are a recruiter or a candidate, it is necessary to know the importance of these psychometric assessments in the recruitment process.


What Are Psychometric Assessments

Psychometric tests are considered to be an essential tool in assessing the cognitive ability of the prospects. These generally come into the picture during the preliminary screening of candidates in organizations. Some companies also use this tool to analyze employees during the time of promotions and appraisals. These tests typically involve personality and cognitive aspects, which helps in filtering the candidates, based on their skills. It allows employers to get further insights into the prospects, which aids them in making better hiring decisions. Let us get into the details of these subtests that make up the entirety of psychometric tests.

  1. Personality Aspect: This test is used to analyze the behavior and personality of the candidate. It also helps analyze how well the candidate will react or respond to certain workplace situations.
  2. Cognitive Aspect: This test helps analyze the cognitive thinking capability of the candidate, to assess how fast the candidates find solutions to complex problems. It also aids in identifying how quickly the candidates can learn and understand new concepts.

Now that you know, we recommend that you practice psychometric assessments before applying to prospective job opportunities.


What they do for organizations and employers

Today, most organizations and hiring agencies incorporate these tests to identify the perfect candidate for each job role. This identification happens through comprehensively assessing the candidate’s personality skills, cognitive thinking skills, leadership skills, etc. This type of assessment, in turn, helps place the right candidate in the right job. By identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your candidates, these tests aid in reducing the time and the capital spent in the hiring process.


What we offer

TalentLens provides you, the HR professional, with an array of highly effective psychometric assessments, backed by new-age technologies. These questions are designed by highly qualified psychologists and academicians to making it extremely reliable and dependable. The assessments offered, are entirely online, where the system itself evaluates the answers and generates a comprehensive report on the prospects thus helping you streamline the hiring process and helps in making the right call on the candidates.