Personality And Its Role In Your Career


‘Personality’ is defined as the character identity of a person. It is something that always defines who you are in any situation. The personality of a person influences how he/she interacts with others. Personality is something that is developed over the years; influenced by many environmental factors, living conditions, and other factors. It is directly related to how you feel, think, behave, interact, etc, and helps you to survive and deal with the practical challenges. It provides a sense of belonging and acceptance in our society. In layman’s term, it is what makes you who you are.


Importance of Personality in Workplaces:

When recruiting, HR managers and executives give importance to the personality of the candidate. By assessing the personality of the candidate, HR managers and executives can analyze how the candidates will react or respond to certain workplace situations as well as examine how well they blend in with the organizational culture. Most MNCs use personality assessments to analyze the behavior of the candidate during the hiring process. These assessments help in filtering out the best candidates from the others depending on their personality traits.

The following are a few key reasons for you to maintain a good personality at your work-place.

  • Your personality will help you to communicate with your companions effectively.
  • It will help in reducing conflicts and improve teamwork.
  • Good Personality helps take your career forward professionally.
  • It helps in distinguishing yourself from others.
  • It helps you to identify your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Good Personality helps in determining what careers you might enjoy.

It is complicated to analyze the behavior of a candidate the recruiter may have met just a couple of minutes ago. So, to analyze their character effectively, companies use personality assessments, making the process streamlined. Incorporating this also helps in saving the time and money spent on the individual candidate. It helps in analyzing what motivates the candidates to work.

As a recruiter, personality assessments help you with a better understanding of your candidate’s traits and enables you to assign roles accordingly. It helps you to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your candidates in terms of self-motivation, adaptive skills, emotional adjustment, sociability, communicational skills, and management skill and also analyses how well the candidate gets along with other team members and companies’ cultures. It also helps you to be more effective at managing your hiring team and be a better leader.


SOSIE – 2nd Generation tests offered by TalentLens identifies both individual’s traits and their interpersonal and personal values.


It helps in predicting the job performance and culture fit of the candidate by assessing personality traits and values.

Their personality assessments are reliable and valid and will generate results accurately and rapidly. The assessments are designed in such a way that it is difficult for candidates to fake responses. Their SOSIE test also helps career guidance professionals understand the strengths and weaknesses of a person and suggest him/her a job or profession that suits the person most. SOSIE allows professionals to understand how the environment impacts the present way of working of the employees and their well-being at work.

The questions were designed by highly qualified academicians and the evaluation reports generated on candidates are data-backed and scientifically supported, making it more reliable and trustworthy for the recruiters to prefer these tests.


TalentLens tests are used for recruitment, career guidance, personal and leadership development, and coaching. They also provide complete support and assistance to the recruiters and hiring managers in all aspects of the test, making the assessment process hassle-free and uncomplicated and a perfect choice for them.