Personality plays a vital role in the performance and productivity of an individual. With the rapidly growing challenges in the business world, you as an employer would want to make sure that a candidate has the right personality to be in your organisation. This is where Pearson TalentLens’ personality assessment solutions come in.

With our assessments, we add value to your talent identification and hiring process. Pearson TalentLens’personality assessment programs allow organisations to check a candidate’s suitability for a role. Employers can assess multiple personality traits by taking applicants through our personality evaluation test.

You can benefit from our assessments by weighing up whether a candidate has the personality to be a part of your team even before he or she joins you. We have multiple assessments based on varying difficulty levels suitable for different positions and job roles.

Personality Assessments we offer:

  1. SOSIE 2nd Generation
  2. Golden Personality Type Profiler

Designed to analyse and identify potentially the best of candidates with our highly reliable tests which enable recruiters to take smart, informed and quick hiring decisions. Pearson TalentLens’personality assessment programs can be the best tool for your human resource department.

The traditional question-answer sessions can often be confusing and time-taking, and may not show desired results. But, our automated personality assessment programs are different and smarter. Being objective in nature, they reflect every single attribute of a candidate’s personality which pronounces their suitability for your profile.

Features of our Personality Assessment Program

  • Fast, dependable results
  • Develop smart, productive, focused teams
  • An add-on for your human resource department
  • Cost-effective
  • Stronger team dynamics
  • Determine training needs of your existing employees

Working with our personality assessment programs solves job fitment problems associated with employees and new hires of different personality types. We develop assessments with a clear understanding of personality features and traits you need to measure in your employees.

The cost of personality assessment entirely depends on the number of candidates taking the test and the profile you are looking to fill up. To give you a clear understanding of the effectiveness of our assessment, we would love to run a demo for you.