An interviewer is hiring right candidate through online english test from Talentlens

In the environment of globalization, English has maintained itself to become a global language. That is to say, it is spoken and understood in almost all parts of the globe. With that, English has become the most important language for businesses and working professionals.

Every organization in India seems to be on the lookout for candidates, who are well versed in verbal and written English and who can communicate in English with their clients located across the globe.

To help you ensure that your new joiners are genuinely fluent in the language, Pearson TalentLens has come forward with its online English assessment programs. Therefore, the employer or recruiter can hire the right candidate with the right set of language skills for the right profile.

We have a range of online programs including online English Assessments and English communication assessments aiming to evaluate the expertise level of candidates and employees in your organization. Our programs focus on finding whether a candidate meets the desire language skills for a position in your team.

Pearson TalentLens strives to make your recruitment and candidate evaluation process straightforward and less time-consuming. With that very intent, we have devised our online test portal to have clear navigation and instructions. Our program is user friendly not only for HR but also for the candidate taking the test. The in-depth nature of the assessments shows high potential in identifying the candidate that you might be looking for to place on a vacant position in your organization.

Whether you are hiring for a managerial level position or a simple supervisory role, Pearson TalentLens can assist you with its advanced online English assessment programs and offer your HR department a great deal of convenience. Developed by experienced language experts, our assessment programs carefully examine the confidence level of candidates in the English language required for different job roles.

Inclusions of Our Online English Assessment Program for Instance:

  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary
  • Word Play
  • Comprehension &Analysis
  • Literature Review
  • Essay Writing
  • Speech

In order to meet the evaluation needs of different hierarchical levels, we have strategically subdivided our online English assessment program under the following levels:-

  • Proficient
  • Intermediate
  • Beginner

Each of these levels has the right set of questions suitable likewise for the required position. As a result, this makes the job of a recruiter simple and selection process even simpler.

For English assessment, we have Versant which helps you identify potential candidates with the best English comprehension. For all level employees, we have a tool that helps your employees become more proficient in their English comprehension.

Get in touch with Pearson TalentLens to receive one of the best online English assessment tools. We aspire to help you evaluate each of your candidates and check their suitability for a position in your organization. To give you a further better understanding of our English assessment test, we are ready to show you a demo.