Numerical Comprehension:  A brief understanding of Numerical data Interpretation and Manipulation


Today, there is a need to go beyond just mathematical problems and calculations in the hiring process.


The problem with most numerical reasoning assessments is that they end up testing your mathematical skills that date back to High-school curriculum, rather than providing relevant numerical data interpretation problems faced at work. As a recruiter, you’d probably be looking for assessment methods that test a candidate’s ability to interpret numerical data and act accordingly with the given information.

With data & technology facilitating, monitoring, and codifying every action performed by us (both online as well as offline), almost everything around us has become quantitative data-driven information. Now more than ever, it is vital that companies dig deeper and take advantage of the information accessible to help them to grow and acquire clearer insights about their own numbers and data. Acquiring numerical insights helps in boosting a company’s performance and helps overcome its shortcomings.

Keeping this in mind, it is imperative that recruiters take into account an applicant’s numerical data interpretation skills before hiring them. This is especially helpful in improving the quality of applicants in the final stages of the selection process.


Numerical Data Interpretation Test (NDIT) a numerical reasoning test offered by TalentLens which measures candidates’ ability to draw appropriate inferences from data which goes beyond one’s ability to perform tough calculations. It is an online unsupervised test that measures the candidate’s aptitude to correctly analyze and interpret numerical data from graphs, reports, charts, and surveys.

Advantages of choosing NDIT in your hiring process

  • No two question papers are the same

The questions pooled together in NDIT are collected from various sources that keep changing. This way, no two candidates ever receive the same test. This reduces the chances of a candidate memorizing concepts and ideas that have appeared in older tests and simply tests the applicants’ capacity to interpret numeric data.

  • Multiple choice questions as well as free-response items

The inclusion of free-response items along with multiple-choice questions does away with guessing the answers and forces the candidate’s aptitude in play.

  • Questions featuring actual numerical problems faced at work

Having questions that are actually real-time situations faced at work makes the test more relevant for the applicants as well as recruiters.

  • Online test that is easy to monitor

By having the test online, it reduces the time spent in reviewing with results that are available immediately online.

The skill of analyzing numerical data is a professional prowess that is useful across diverse professional industries and spread across the managerial hierarchy. In that respect, NDIT is a must for all organizations where numerical data interpretation is used on the job.


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