Pearson TalentLenshas machinated a range of mechanical aptitude tests to help HR personnel make sure that they are hiring only the suitable candidates for their mechanical and technical vacancies.

Hiring the right candidate that does some value addition to the company is one of the biggest challenges an organization faces. Our in-depth assessments enable you to judge the skills and abilities of a candidate.

What is Mechanical Aptitude Test?

Mechanical aptitude test is a series of questions and puzzles which are used by modern businesses to test the skills and aptness of candidates for their technical and mechanical engineering positions.

Pearson TalentLens’mechanical reasoning test – Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Test® (BMCT-II) help technical recruiters to check a candidate’s ability to understand the concepts, theories and practical knowledge of industrial tools and processes. The test also makes it certain that the candidate is well-versed in the principles of the trade.

Mechanical Aptitude Test covers –

  • Mechanical comprehension
  • Spatial Visualization
  • Knowledge of basic physical and mechanical laws
  • Deduction of how machinery works

Our mechanical aptitude tests include various test modules suitable for different posts varying from entry to management level positions.

We have developed advanced assessment techniques that prove helpful in long-term career building. When it comes to hiring the best technical talent, our assessments offer a great deal of convenience to employers.

Pearson TalentLens’ Mechanical Aptitude Helps Organizations in


Our mechanical aptitude test helps recruiters across industries to evaluate a candidate’s understanding of mechanical reasoning, spatial awareness and abilities to work with machine tools required for the job role.


Our special pre- and post-training tests allow trainers and organizations to assess the readiness of a candidate for educational training. Mid-training tests can be given to adjudge the progress of the trainee and effectiveness of the training program.

Risk Management:

Ensuring whether your hire has the knowledge and ability to work with machine tools allows a smart employer to avoid risks and associated aftermaths. Pearson TalentLens’ assessments help reduce the chances of workplace injuries and equipment or infrastructure damage.

To help you better understand how our mechanical aptitude test works, we are ready to give you a free demo. Please write to: for more information.