Why making the ‘Right’ Hire is more important than making ‘More’ Hires


Almost everyone has heard it over and over; it’s not the customer nor the company head, that is responsible for an organization’s success; it is always the employees. The time and the effort the employees put in and the skills required for their job profile that leads the company forward professionally. As a human resource manager or as a hiring agency, one can easily understand how much valued and important is an employee in the organization. Before we go ahead, let’s take a detour to the Indian growth and development scenario and see how it ties in with the concept of making the right hire.

The Indian economy advanced 5.8% year-on-year in the first quarter of 2019. A study by ASSOCHAM and Thought Arbitrage Research Institute. Has suggested that India’s labor force is expected to touch 160-170 million by 2020, based on the rate of population growth, increased labor force participation, and higher education enrolment, and other factors.

As we progress from an agrarian economy to one that is propelled by industrial and commercial development, India looks to compete with other top nations globally. That would make companies think more globally to succeed and put strategies in place to make their organization complete with their global counterparts. This way of thinking would lead to employment opportunities

In the process of growth through employment, what if the company or the hiring team makes a wrong hiring decision? Alternatively, what if the recruit’s behavior doesn’t go well with the companies work culture? Or if the candidate cannot motivate himself/herself to work? In all the above cases, it can be inferred that just one single recruit can create a havoc in the companies work culture, and it’s a path to success if the organization hires a wrong recruit. Therefore, it is imperative to consider many factors, along with the skills the candidate possesses during the hiring process.

A company always looks out for the best potential when recruiting. Companies usually prefer using recruitment tools to make sure that they don’t hire the wrong candidate. Over the years, there has been a shift in the way recruitment tools are being used, from the traditional pen-paper assessments to the new-age online recruitment tools. Companies prefer tests to be conducted online as they make the recruitment process streamlined and cost-effective. Recruitment solutions provided by TalentLens is one of the most recognized online recruitment solutions offered across the world. Major Indian companies like Flipkart, TATA Communications, Reliance Industries Limited, Wipro, Myntra and others, use online recruitment tools provided by TalentLens to identify the right candidate.


Why Recruitment Tools?

Identify the right talent:

Recruitment tools help in identifying the right talent for the correct position, which allows in self-motivating the employee without any compulsion from the team lead.

Employee Development:

Most online assessments can also be used for employee development. Companies use recruitment tools during promotion and for appraisals.

Data-Backed Results:

The recruitment tools generate results using scientifically proven methods making the tests and the results reliable and efficient.

Streamline Hiring Process:

Recruitment tools help in streamlining the hiring process and saves the recruiters time and money spent on interviewing candidates individually.


Assessing a candidate’s personality:

The personality of a candidate is a must-have attribute to consider when recruiting. These online recruitment tools help in determining whether the candidate will be able to work aligned with the organization’s work culture and behavior.

All the points mentioned above clearly define why several hiring agencies prefer modern recruitment tools over traditional methods.

TalentLens provides an array of questionnaires to simplify the hiring procedures for the recruiters. Their dedicated online assessments save the recruiters money and time on interviewing individual candidates. As the tests are online, they have a considerable advantage over the traditional methods of recruiting. Moreover, the company will provide all assistance at any instance of the test, making the test process completely streamlined and easy to conduct. The assessments offered are entirely online, making it flexible and easy to attempt.