Technology is driving the world forward at a breakneck speed. Technology has become integral in our lives that we often find it difficult to differentiate between our personal and professional life. Such is the impact.

Like the world, organisations are also feeling the heat and finding the need to adapt to a world that is in a fast forward mode. Adoption of technology-based solutions across functions is a necessity now and no department can afford to remain in a silo impervious of the change happening externally. This need to adapt and adopt is also driven by the fact that companies are becoming more efficient and a pullback from one department can derail the entire organizations’ march forward.

For a long time, HR departments have remained insulated from change and have been driven by old school pen and paper-based subjective recruitments. Assessments were time-consuming, suffered from low accuracy, human biases and involved cumbersome scoring methods, among other challenges. Today, such drawbacks are taken care of due to the use of existing and new technology that is able to match the pace of hiring and development activities undertaken by HR.

Technology-enhanced assessments (TEA) involve easier modes of delivery. Today, assessments can be delivered and scored in real-time, over the Internet. While TEA has reduced the recruitment cycle, it has also positively impacted organisations with bias-free recruitment of the right candidate for the job – all in minimal time.

Technology is also helping HR professionals conduct tests with virtual assessment centres -assessments delivered via web-based audio and video.

The possibilities for how technology will impact assessment in future are endless. Organizations that understand and adapt to these trends faster will win the battle.

Pearson TalentLens has been a leader in creating and driving the assessment centre model. TalentLens assessment centres focus on building a relationship with the organization through three steps – assessment, feedback and ‘on-the-ground’ solutions – to help organizations select and develop the right talent for their business.

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