Numerical Data Interpretation and manipulation

“The goal is to turn data into information and information into insight.”

– Carly Fiorina, former executive, president, and chair, HP.

The interpretation, evaluation, and manipulation of numerical data play an important role in business sustenance and growth. Numerical data provides an organization with accurate inferences for critical decision making without any emotional or inaccurate bias. Generally represented in the form of diagrams, graphs, and charts, numerical data help evaluate a company’s progress basis its past performance. It also helps in competitor analysis. 


What is NDIT? 

The Numerical Data Interpretation Test (NDIT) is a numerical reasoning test used by many global companies to assess an applicant’s potential to work with numbers.

NDIT also deals with the assessment of how well an individual can accurately comprehend, decipher, and draw inferences from numerical data.

NDIT measures a candidate’s ability to:

  • Draw appropriate inferences from data
  • Calculate values using basic arithmetic operators and work with decimals and fractions
  • Understand information presented in tables, charts, and graphs
  • Identify when additional data is required to draw particular assumptions


What NDIT from TalentLens Offers 

TalentLens’ NDIT helps evaluate a candidate’s efficiency in interpreting numerical data and how quickly he or she can make decisions based on numerical facts. This skill is an essential requirement for personnel in entry-level, senior managerial, executive, and supervisory positions.

The NDIT test from Pearson TalentLens is a contemporary assessment module that scores candidates using state-of-the-art Item Response Theory. It contains both multiple-choice and free-response questions.


Why Choose NDIT from TalentLens?

In business, time is money. Making the right choice within stipulated timelines is crucial for success. NDIT from TalentLens truly stands out in offering you a hassle-free recruitment assessment experience. As the test is online and unsupervised, it reduces the overall time required to assess and hire the right candidate. The results are available immediately online for review. NDIT uses both multiple-choice and free-response questions for a multidimensional assessment of the candidate. The 21 questions with varying levels of difficulty are designed to assess candidates on various levels. The tests are scored using Item Response Theory. As an added advantage, the NDIT results can be further linked to the Applicant Tracking System, an enterprise HR software for ongoing assessment. NDIT module from Talent Lens offers an accurate assessment of candidates across varying levels of seniority.


Advantage NDIT, Advantage You!

From a business point of view, the NDIT module from TalentLens helps an organization in making the right hires quickly for the right jobs. The test not only helps determine the candidate’s ability to interpret data but also his or her ability to make critical decisions under time pressure. When compared to traditional methods of hiring, all this is done online and unsupervised, thus resulting in an overall reduction of the time and effort in the hiring process.


About TalentLens 

Pearson TalentLens is a global solutions provider, highly sought for recruitment, career guidance, personnel and leadership development, and coaching. With a team of highly skilled experts, TalentLens acts as an extended arm of your HR department to recruit, train, and sustain talent.