Leaders are believed to be the strongest support structure for building any organisation. Without the right leaders and their strong leadership skills and vision, taking an organisation in the direction of success is not just difficult but also impractical. Your leaders’ decisions and strategies have a direct impact on your employee and organisation’s productivity, in addition to overall turnover and morale.

Leadership skills are an indispensable trait your employees at C-level, managerial and even supervisor levels should hold. Therefore, it becomes imperative to evaluate a candidate on the basis of his/her leadership skills prior to final selection for a role.

Many organisations find it pretty difficult to perform leadership evaluation of candidates due to the absence of objective methods of analysis and loopholes in their recruitment process. At Pearson TalentLens, we have worked hard to transform these subjective skills into our advanced leadership assessment tools and tests.

Our leadership assessment programs have the perfect power to evaluate a candidate’s willingness to evolve as a leader. Our set of questionnaire empowers you to evaluate your employee’s leadership capabilities as well as suitability for a role you are considering to offer him/her. Once the evaluation process is complete, the recruiting manager has the idea of how great a candidate appears for a leadership-oriented position in their organisation.

Key AssessmentsIncluded inOur Program

Our leadership assessment program isn’t just limited to work as a recruitment process tool. It also allows you to assess the overall productivity of your existing employees and identify their training needs to improve their performance.

Leadership Ability is Test Suitable for:

  • All C-suite profiles
  • For the role of company President/ Vice President/ Director
  • And, for mid-management level roles

Highlights of Our Leadership Assessment Plan

  • Tool for hiring managers and executives
  • Assess your mid-level employee’s need for training and counselling

  • Check competency of your existing employees at the time of promotion
  • The online tool, which can be accessed with a username and password anytime, anywhere
  • Quick, real-time feedback

Working with Pearson TalentLens’ leadership assessment tools speeds up your organization’s hiring process. Many of our clients use our leadership quality evaluation tools to weigh up their existing employees for promotion.

Our assessment programs are well-defined keeping in mind the benchmarked standards being followed across the industry. Learn how our leadership assessment tool can be a great fit for your organization, book