With over half of the world relying strongly on software advancements and technologies, the demand for knowledgeable, practical IT professionals has surged significantly in recent years. India, being the IT Hub of the global village, produces the highest number of IT job in the world.

At the same time, India has an excess of IT engineers from a mixed bag of good and bad colleges. Given that, for a renowned and forward-looking Indian IT business, hiring the best IT talent seems to be an uphill task.

To make certain that you have the best IT talent on your team, you will need to put in place an advanced assessment tool that helps evaluate the information technology aptitude of candidates looking to work with you.

Even the thought of non-availability of such a tool can easily boggle the mind of your hiring managers due to technicalities involved with IT recruitment. Pearson TalentLenshasdecoded various information technology aptitude test modules for organisations and human resource departments with a simple aim to revolutionise their IT recruitment process.

Pearson TalentLens’ s IT Employability assessment, measures the  Programming Aptitude and Employability Quotient of a potential candidate.

For the dynamic IT landscape, Pearson has developed the Employability Tests (ET; ET-IT) to assist HR professionals in the process of selecting Information Technology (IT) professionals for five broad categories:

  • Research and Development Engineers
  • Business Analysts
  • Software Developers
  • Systems Administrators
  • Technical Support.

Our information technology aptitude tests are prepared as per the most recent advancements in the IT world, so you can identify the right talent for your company’s open vacancy. The cost of our IT recruitment tests depend majorly on various factors as the type of profile and the number of candidates you want to weigh up.

Highlights of our Information Technology Assessments

  • Advanced, quick, and analytical test results
  • Objective type questions
  • Saves time of the employer
  • Tests based on latest and popular industry trends
  • Cost effective

Now HR departments don’t have to worry about not having a grip on core IT products. Our aptitude tests ease your burden and allow you to screen and select candidates for IT vacancies. Check the suitability of a candidate based on his/her answers for the questions in our IT recruitment test. If they meet the criteria, pick them onboard or process them for the next round of interview.

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