TalentLens solutions address the significant employability relevance gap by identifying fundamental abilities and skills that an individual requires to be successful at the workplace at any level in his career.


Effective use of all workplace competencies begins with good communication skills. Use scientific, reliable and accurate methods to assess them.

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The ability to make good decisions with limited time and information; judgement, problem solving, creativity and more.


Identify a person’s value system to reliably predict motivators, behavior and adaptation to a role or organizational culture and reduce turnover.

What Our Clients Say

  • The Golden Personality Type Profiler is content-driven, and this allows me as a coach to easily customize the learning to the specific needs of the individual or group. The easy to understand report provides a solid foundation for dialogue and participant insight in a team development experience.
    Learning and Development
  • “We have found the Golden Personality Type Profiler to be an invaluable tool. The ease of online administration has made this a highly convenient and affordable way to screen applicants before committing to the high cost of bringing them on the field for further interviewing and evaluation.”
    Debbie Millman
    Living Well Counseling Services
  • “I have found the Golden Personality Type Profiler to be a valuable resource to our business partners, whether for facilitating healthy employee/ manager relationships, assisting leadership development in talent management, or in resolving team conflicts.”
    Human Resources