Recruitment isn’t a child’s play. When looking to hire an appropriate candidate for an organisation, several factors need to be kept in mind. Most of the time a recruiter might just look a candidate’s academic qualification, give them a basic IQ test and send them off to be interviewed. In fact, this a very common practice which is now being changed by the new generation of HR professionals. The use of Hiring assessments has become a major factor when filtering candidates in the selection process.

Accurate assessment, thus, is an important and indispensable part of an overall hiring process of an organization. In the absence of this, the hiring process gets difficult and inappropriate. A bad hire can turn into a liability for a company as it impacts cost and revenue.

This is where Pearson’s TalentLens comes into the picture. Offering well established and highly reliable hiring assessment tests, Our expertise and legacy in the area of test publishing spans over 90+ years. Our assessment tools and techniques are on par with the current industry demands. This is why our expertise counts in almost every type of business in any industry.

Types of Hiring Assessment Solutions We Offer

Our hiring assessments can be categorised within the following areas:-

  • Communication assessment
  • Cognitive assessment
  • Personality assessment

All our tests are well defined and accurately described to match the current industry benchmarks and this has simply transformed the process of hiring in many of the organisations we work with.

Right from measuring the candidate’s abilities to match the job, our hiring assessment tools are a way ahead in analysing both the language, personality, and cognition of every suitable candidate. Apart from this, our toolkit holds enough competence to analyse the aptitude and other abilities to recognise a candidate’s suitability for the job.

Our hiring assessment tests are well designed by a team of the best psychologists and academicians in the world. Administering our assessments on the candidates in the process of selection will make help you filter them without letting the good candidates slip out of the filtering process.

At Pearson TalentLens, our hiring assessment programs are committed to helping you achieve your business goals. With our highly valid and reliable hiring assessments, your organisation will be able to identify the great candidate from the good candidate. Explore our range of hiring assessments here.