Good English Comprehension for success in the Global Marketplace

English, the Language of Business:

Of all the skills required for success in today’s global business landscape, proficiency in this language takes precedence over other skills. Approximately 360 million people in more than 100 countries speak English as their first language. According to the site, 85% of the world’s international organizations use English as the medium of communication. English is also touted as a collaborative language – it helps break language barriers for companies with teams in two different parts of the world.

A proper grasp of English helps an employee excel as a communicator in the following ways:

  • Establishes a better probability of closing important deals with clients.
  • Removes additional investment on a translator.
  • It provides equal opportunity to participate and succeed in the workplace, irrespective of background or geography.
  • It helps individuals become more enterprising.
  • For jobs that are travel bound, English becomes a common point of communication.

Proficiency in English and comprehension skills are fundamental to being an excellent communicator today. Comprehension is more than just reading; it involves finding meaning in the text and being able to summarise and reiterate the same. Successful English comprehension requires fluency in reading, writing, and speaking.


India and English: A win-win for International business

India is fast becoming one of the key emerging economies in global Business. With 125 million English speaking individuals, the country is prime real estate for Business Process Outsourcing and back-end operations for many global players. With competition from countries such as China, Philippines, Ireland, and others, it makes sense that India embraces and polishes its English to not only compete but excel over other nations, thus propelling the country’s success in the global landscape.


Enter, Voxy by TalentLens

TalentLens offers a comprehensive learning and assessment module for English comprehension called Voxy, which aims at nurturing an individual’s English skills across different levels of difficulty. Voxy focuses on the long-term development of an individual’s grasp and proficiency in the language. It follows an entirely modern and unique way to polish one’s written, vocal, and comprehension skills in English. More than 4 million people throughout 150 countries have opted for professional English training through Voxy.

Voxy offers a dynamic, personalized curriculum, covering over 55,000+ hours of authentic learning content from videos, conversations, and news articles. In addition, there is a dedicated Voxy Proficiency Assessment to assess an individual’s current English proficiency level. Moreover, there is a provision for guidance by certified English experts in one’s native speaking language.


Advantage, Voxy

It’s Convenient: The Voxy modules from TalentLens truly stand out from other English learning solution providers in many ways. As it’s a mobile and web-based app, applicants can take lessons anytime, making the whole learning process very convenient. Candidates have flexibility in timings as there’s no fixed class schedule; a candidate can avail live instructions round-the-clock. Voxy provides a rich content library that helps further nurture and enhance a candidate’s grasp on English and comprehension skills.

It’s Customizable: Based on a candidate’s proficiency level, lessons with the corresponding difficulty level is provided. These adaptive lessons help build machine learning insights. This Patented technology experience is tailored for everyone across different learning curves. Certified native-speaking teachers help provide one-on-one feedback to the candidate based on their learning and understanding.

Voxy at the Workplace:

While we’ve seen how this benefits individual candidates, Voxy also helps HR managers in an organizational setup in real-time learning.

The data collected from the online learning of employees drive business insights. In fields like IT and Business Process Outsourcing, these modules help promote team growth through customer and learner success. As a learning platform, Voxy facilitates effective task-based education. It offers career aligned content that applies to real-time work your employee is engaged in. Through live instructions, there is a substantial improvement in job performance.

Finally, Voxy modules help break down the language barriers in the workplace. It offers career-aligned courses, where the application of spoken English and English comprehension is eminent. These fields include Financial Services, Customer Service, IT Helpdesk, Digital Marketing, Tourism & Hospitality, Oil & Gas, Healthcare, etc.


About TalentLens 

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