Online Assessments: The Future of Digital Talent Recruitment


The Internet may be a few decades old, but the territory it has conquered in this limited time is unimaginable. Today, there is almost nothing that is not connected to the internet. With the development of IoT and the adaption of the internet at work and the educational field, it’s soon becoming a necessity; without which life will be impossible. In India, with the advent of cheap internet and smart-phones at more affordable rates, a large chunk of the population has easy and uninterrupted access to the internet and are connected to the world seamlessly.

On to the topic of talent, it simply means the ability to be good at something, without being trained to do so. Talent is an essential requirement that most companies seek when they are recruiting employees. A candidate with the right talent is always a safe bet, as they are capable of taking the company forward professionally. When companies interview their employees for many management positions, they give much importance to their talents along with their work history.

Thus, identifying talent is an integral part of the workspace. However, it tends to be time-consuming as it tends to cost. Sometimes, even the geographic location is also an issue when identifying the right talent. This is where I come to play. With these online tests, companies are practically able to conduct interviews through computers and the internet and make the hiring process more manageable and streamlined. For a candidate, online tests help in identifying his/her strengths and weakness and can work on improving their skills.

Advantages of Online Tests 

An extensive questionnaire bank:

Companies that conduct these online tests will have a large question bank. So when the system retrieves questions, no two persons will get the same question set. 

Easy to configure and use:

The design of the tests allows easy configuration and use even for a person who is least technologically aware. Moreover, they will be providing full technical support for the administration and interpretation of the tests. 

Transparent and instant results:

The evaluation of the online tests is done automatically by the assessment platform, and reports are instantly generated, making the tests more transparent and reliable.

Cost-effective and less time consuming:

Since the tests are online, many candidates can quickly take the test and recruiters need not spend time on the individual candidate. The digital nature of the test process makes it cost-effective and less time-consuming. 

Prevent Cheating:

Even though the tests are conducted online, the system will have sophisticated software to prevent cheating, thus making the tests more trustworthy.


TalentLens is a leading company that offers many recruitment assessments, and Differential Aptitude Tests(DAT) is a gold-standard suite of assessments measuring the cognitive ability of the candidates in different aspects. With the latest DAT tests, it is possible to measure an individual’s level of general and mental skills, which are a prerequisite for success in many job roles and training courses. With the next generation of the workforce coming in, recruiters can analyze the verbal skills, numerical skills, reasoning skills, and problem-solving skills of the candidates.

Highly qualified academicians and psychologists design the TalentLens assessments making them more reliable, and the assessment platform itself evaluates the answers making it tamper-proof and more accurate. With support and assistance being offered during every instance of the test-taking process, making the screening process extremely streamlined for the recruiters and the hiring team. Since the tests are entirely online, it offers the recruiters to conduct the interview process even when the candidate is not physically available to take the assessment. With the latest DAT tests, HR managers and recruiters can harness the power of adaptive computer tests to assess the candidate abilities that predict their future in the organization.