English: The Global Language of the Internet and its Importance in the Workplace


Due to the colonial past of India, the majority of the country understands and speaks English as one of its core languages. The British colonization helped in making the language as a widely accepted norm. In today’s world, English communication skill is essential and integral for jobs, especially when it comes to workplace communication.

If you’re reading this article, consider yourself lucky. You belong to the 125 million English speakers in India. English is regarded as the internet language of this generation as most of the internet users are either Millennials or Gen-z’s. Most of them are well versed in English. They consider English as a necessity for communication with the world around them, just as how the internet is to them.


Why is English (as a language) so important?

One language that’s commonly spoken around the world:

Studies show there are more than 100 countries that speak English; either as their first language or as their second language. So, it is a vital communication tool used worldwide. 

Easy to learn:

Unlike many other languages, English is a language that is easy to learn. 

Language of Business:

Many companies use English as a language to conduct business. The use of this language is prevalent in group meetings, conference calls, corporate lunches, etc. Most of the global events related to world and technology exercise the use of English as the language for communication. 

Efficient Communication during travel:

English as a language, broadens your horizons. With English, you’ll be able to communicate with people who don’t speak your native language.

For Efficient Workplace Communication:

In most companies, employees are from different states or different countries. Hence, English is often chosen as a universal language of communication. Whether it’s broken or fluent, a common catalyst for communication, it will improve workplace efficiency and reduce communication gaps. 

Better Career Opportunities:

Having a grasp over English and other languages helps in bringing better career opportunities and prospects. Most companies prefer people having multilingual skills.

From the above, it’s safe to say that English plays a significant role in one’s professional life and helps in advancing one’s career.


During the recruitment process, even when companies don’t mention the importance of communication skills, a candidate’s English communication skills are assessed as an integral part of their recruitment process. However, the assessment of their spoken English skill is a tedious and time-consuming process. To simplify the screening process, the hiring team(s) use software tools designed by companies like TalentLens to efficiently assess the candidate’s English communication skill(s).

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Moreover, the tests use high-end technologies to make it tamper-proof. TalentLens provides assistance and support in every aspect of the tests, thus making the test process streamlined and efficient. Versant online tests are suitable for both native speakers and non-native speakers of English.