Technology – A Major Disruptor in Mass Recruitment

Smartphones have penetrated almost every corner of India barring extremely isolated villages. In an urban or semi-urban setting, everyone irrespective of their income usually owns a smartphone. This has resulted in recruiters leveraging this device as an important tool, especially in mass hires. Another critical form of disruptive innovation comes in the form of artificial intelligence (AI).  Using AI and machine learning, tools are constantly being developed to aid the hiring process.

Most AI-based tools focus on data analysis and identifying candidates for pre-interview sessions, which means about 75% of the recruitment process is taken care of. With its hallmarks of speed and efficiency, AI is growing rapidly and is almost set to take over the recruitment process entirely. Where AI systems triumph over human recruiters is in its unbiased approach to processing candidates across geographical boundaries. However, the ethical and technological barriers for end-end integration of AI are yet to be completely understood.

While AI is in its initial stages of adoption, gamification is proving to be an efficient solution for mass recruitments. Gamification basically implies applying the rules of game playing to non-game tasks, such as business and social impact challenges. Gamification coupled with recruitment adds a fun element to the whole, often tedious, recruitment process. This is often called recruitment. The vital benefit of this process is that it spurs a potential employee to engage with your company through a simulated work environment and in turn, the recruiter gets an idea of the candidate’s aptitude, creative thinking, and problem-solving capabilities. An innovative process, gamification is the latest trend in attracting passive candidates and also a part of talent attraction marketing. Large companies like Google, Formapost, and Umbel are creating immersive platforms to hire the desired candidates. Prospective candidates are tested on real-world processes via the engaging game-based platform.

When we talk about mass hires and screening a high volume of candidates, automating the process makes a lot of sense. Automating the recruitment process right from job posting, matching, assessing and finally to onboarding of candidates is a process that is continuously evolving. Innovations in machine learning and natural language processing are being employed to automate most of the recurring tasks in recruitment, including data collation, fact-checking, pre-screening, interviewing candidates and background checks. Most recruiters use some form of Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to create their candidate database. This system helps recruiters reach out to passive candidates based on their application history. Companies are seeing the benefit of investing in talent acquisition platforms that integrate ATS and CRMs to reduce paperwork and increase data accountability. AI-powered chatbots are excellent for engaging a candidate and performing in-chat pre-screening. Recruitment chatbots, like Mya help, automate most of the hiring process.

All said and done, technology can prove to be a valuable assistant in the entire hiring process. However, assessing which technology to use is how you ace the game!