Understanding the decision-making pattern of a candidate is the most vital step before finalizing him/her to handle a position in your organisation. Especially, if it is a managerial or other higher-level position which involves making important decisions for the company on a regular basis. The significance of a candidate’s decision-making skill is undeniable.

Decision making is important as most of the decisions your managers take have a direct impact on your business. Therefore, conducting relevant decision-making tests to evaluate your employees or interviewees’ decision-making abilities becomes a crucial step taken by a forward-thinking business.

We, at Pearson TalentLens, have worked really hard to create a range of in-depth decision-making assessments and tools so you can be sure that your decision makers take wise, calculated, and meaning-full decision that adds value to your company.

Each of your executives have their own trust, gut feeling and instincts. Evaluating those traits appropriately and rigorously can be easily done with our standardized decision making tests – Watson Glaser Critical thinking Appraisal. Pearson TalentLens’tools give you the ability to identify the best decision makers suitable for your company.

Using our tool, your recruitment managers just have to conduct a test under your newly revolutionised candidate evaluation process to receive the results showing detailed analysis, categorising the candidate for the below-mentioned traits.

Our Decision-Making Assessment Tools Classify the Candidates On The RED model:

  • Recognize assumptions
  • Evaluate Arguments
  • Draw Conclusions

Our decision-making assessments are well-researched by some of the best psychologists and academisation in the world. They use relevant and most modern industry insights to design assessments that help you identify suitable candidates as required for a decision-making chair in your organisation.

In reality, the art of decision-making is pretty complex, and there are a number of factors that influences the same. Every decision an individual makes is actually a battle between his/her intuitions and logic. But our assessment programs target at finding the best fitting candidates who have the knack to believe and make judgements only after appropriate evaluation of a situation.

Uses of Watson Glaser – our decision making assessment:

  • Assess decision making and critical thinking for entry-level through executive positions in all industries
  • Emphasize the need for critical thinking for high-stakes roles like police officers and pilots
  • Measure deductive reasoning skills of lawyers, insurance analysts, and IT professionals
  • Develop current and future leaders
  • Measure student potential and work-readiness

Pearson TalentLens offers a standard decision making assessment tool to simplify your organisation’s process of evaluation and finding the best-fit candidate in a cost-effective manner.

To help you recognise the abilities of our decision making assessment program, we are ready to run a demo as per your convenient time. Fill up the contact form for more info.