“ If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur”

  • Red Adair

One of the biggest factors that multiply complications for a recruiter is unqualified and under-qualified applications. Every recruitment manager searches for a specific set of skills in an applicant, to ascertain that your recruits have those skills and qualifications to be in your organization.

We, at Pearson TalentLens, have developed a range of online employment assessment solutions that help you measure the Cognition, Communication, and Personality of a candidate. Our pre-employment and pre-promotion assessments help find the best suitable applicants for a position in your organization.

Pearson has designed and codified intelligent employment assessment software that simplifies your hiring process, cuts down the time consumed, and ends the chances of wrong recruits.

Using our employment assessments are straightforward. You administer our assessments to your candidates, candidates take the assessment post which you receive a detailed report of their suitability for the position that you are trying to fill. These reports are easy to interpret.

For example: If you are looking to hire a leader in your organization, you will need to make sure that the final candidate has the potential to not only handle that position but also take the organization to new heights. In that case, you will need to take the applicants through multiple employment assessments including technical, language, communication, decision-making and critical thinking assessments.

With its employment assessments, Pearson TalentLens ensures reduced hiring process time which as you know is an additional cost to the company. Employing our tools and techniques allows you to screen and select hundreds of candidates easily with haste. Since our assessments have the highest rate of reliability and validity in the world, which means you need to worry about the quality of the tests.

Reduced cost is another attractive feature of our online employment assessment tools and questionnaires. There is no paperwork is involved. Everything – receiving the application and creating an assessment link – happens online. Additionally, the use of our software does not require the candidate to appear for the assessment personally at your office. The test can be taken anywhere remotely and is most secure. Since there is no human intervention required, you will experience cost savings there as well.

We also offer Learning and Development solutions to assess you mid and top-level management.

The cost of employment assessment entirely depends on your process-specific needs and quantity of candidates. We can also run a demo for you. Speak to us for more info!