Psychometric Tests for Recruitment

What are ‘Psychometric’ tests?

Psychometric tests help identify a candidate’s behavior, strengths, weaknesses, and working style. These psychometric tests are broadly classified under two categories – personality and aptitude. Aptitude tests assess an individual’s cognitive abilities to determine whether they are the right fit for the role. On the other hand, personality tests help in exploring your interests, values, and driving factors while analyzing their emotions and behavioral patterns in a plethora of situations. 


Why ‘Psychometric’ tests?

When it comes to assessing a candidate’s skills like verbal, non-verbal, critical thinking, learning agility, reasoning skills, and so on, traditional recruitment methods (like sieving through hundreds of CVs followed by multiple interviews) fall short. Here are some common challenges faced by HR professionals in conventional forms of recruitment: 

  • Lack of clarity on key competencies required in a candidate/role, leading to an intuitive evaluation.
  • Gut-based ratings by multiple interviewers, leading to an overall inconsistency in the evaluation.
  • It’s a time-consuming process and dynamic changes during scheduling
  • Lack of interviewing ‘dashboard’ to help track the interview status of multiple candidates in the recruitment process. 

As these methods are already somewhat outdated, psychometric personality tests are aiding HR professionals to make meaningful improvements in the recruitment process. More so, these tests are also utilized to analyze existing employees at the time of rewards and appraisals. 


Psychometric testing tools can help you identify candidates with natural leadership skills through certain key traits such as: 

  • Inclination towards spontaneous, open-door type policies
  • Thrives best under strict rules and structure
  • Acceptance towards getting involved and working in a team structure
  • Not afraid to delegate work, as and when necessary


Psychometric assessment of personality can help you discover natural personality traits in a candidate like: 

  • Ability to stay calm and rational under pressure
  • Make quick and well-placed decisions in stressful situations
  • Innate desire to be of assistance
  • Naturally outgoing and people-oriented
  • Not afraid of confrontations
  • Proficiently persuasive
  • Easily distracted (It’s one of the peculiar traits that people who are easily distracted, are generally very good at multi-tasking)

From a recruitment standpoint, it is your responsibility to assess and identify the most suitable candidate for the role, and this is imperative to ensure a team that works well together but also is driven by a need to succeed — identifying the strengths and weaknesses of candidates through these tests aids in reducing the time and capital invested in the hiring process. 


How do psychometric assessment tools work?

Using an array of highly effective and new-age technology-based psychometric assessment tools, TalentLens provides you with some of the best talent measurement and psychometric testing tools. These tools are designed by highly qualified psychologists and academicians to making it extremely reliable and dependable. These digital psychometric assessment tools allow the system to evaluate the answers itself and generate a comprehensive report on the prospects, thus helping you make an informed decision regarding recruitment candidates and employees.