Each employer looks for an employee that has the ability to work cohesively with teams and clients internally and internationally.

Almost every job involves some kind of communication. Some jobs demand phone/Skype conversation with clients and customers. Many positions require face-to-face communication. Some positions call for written communication.

In a typical workplace scenario, it is a prerequisite for an executive or manager to get the projects done and report to their seniors and clients in the chorus. An individual’s communication skills highlight how effectively he or she is able to communicate (listen, understand, and speak).

That’s the reason why it is important to make sure that your employees have strong communication skills before you have them on board. This is where Pearson TalentLens’ pre-recruitment communication assessments come into play.

Pearson’s assessments are well designed to help you make a better hiring decision. You can take your candidates through each and any of our assessments.

Using such a tool does not just simplify the way of assessing the communication of a candidate but also adds a plethora of conveniences in your recruitment process.

From writing and grammar to vocabulary, pronunciation, and fluency, our assessments help you dig out many such factors about an applicant.

Communication Assessments Available –

  • Versant – Measure English speaking skills quickly, accurately and reliably
    • Evaluate the ability to understand spoken English
    • Evaluate the ability to be understood when English is spoken
    • Enable consistent English language proficiency levels throughout your organization
    • Evaluate English spoken language proficiency and objectively.



Pearson is the world’s learning company and our communication assessment tools are some of the more reliable and validated tests in the world. Suitable for every business and industry, our pre-recruitment communication assessment tools have a rich ability to serve your complete evaluation cycle in just a single go.

The cost of communication assessment depends largely on several factors – such as the position or profile you are testing a candidate for; the number of candidates screened; and the type of communication ability you wish to test.

The cost of our communication skill assessment program is very affordable and can be available on a pay-per-test basis as well.


Our technology-based communication assessments tools are the right pick to filtering out the right candidate for the right job in your organization. To help you understand how our communication assessments work, we are ready to show you a free demo.