How to choose a recruitment software?


As an HR professional or business owner, you might be on the lookout for good recruitment software that can help you ease the burden of manually conducting recruitment drives and walk-ins. We are assuming that you have a mid-size or large business that has a high frequency of recruitment.

Before you start looking at the plethora of solutions available online, consider the following points:

  1. Online VS Offline: There are several internet-based or online recruitment services that can be used to reach candidates from across the world, but these services do not provide a great platform for you to monitor applications that don’t come through their website. Therefore, it is always better to have an offline platform that captures applications from various sources like your website, the recruitment website, social media, etc.
  2. Clarity on features: Before you start researching on the recruitment software provides online, make a note of the features that you absolutely must have and the features that you think you might need in the future. Today the recruitment software providers have an exhaustive list of features that you may or may not use. If you pick a service provider that has all the features that you are looking for and some features on top of that you may not use, you will be changed for the feature that you don’t use as well.
  3. Optimization: Sometimes, when one implements a new recruitment software platform, you might end up spending more time, effort, and money in just maintaining the platform. Make sure you get a platform that is easy to use and reduces the effort of your recruiters rather than increases Take a demo version of the recruitment software and have your team use it for a week or so to see if their workload reduces before making a purchase call.
  4. Ease of use: Coming out of the optimization point. It is important to have a recruitment software that is easy to use. I know that this seems like an obvious point, but it is critical none the less. Most people buy recruitment platforms by just seeing the features and price and not looking at the ease of use. The thumb rule for any recruitment software platform is that anyone should be able to explore the platform and understand how to use it on their own without someone training them. The flow and features should be self-explanatory. Another important point is the availability of the software on both desktop and mobile so that it can be accessed
  5. Customizability: Depending on your budget, you can opt for recruitment software that has a fixed platform with fixed features which generally costs less as compared to a dynamic and customizable platform. If your recruitment process is dynamic and keeps changing, consider opting for one that is customizable.
  6. Excellent service: Finally, choosing a recruitment software provider who has excellent service is critically important. Try to pick a service provider who has a branch locally and can assign an account manager who is reachable always. Some business work at international timings and you shouldn’t have to wait till the next business day for issues to be resolved. Another important aspect of service is turn-around time. The turn-around time for various types of issues need to be established before purchase so that there is no confusion when the issue arises.

Happy hunting!

Author: Bharath Iyer