Hiring a winning team requires that you use talent assessments that can identify the great from the good. The recruitment process in most companies is quite basic. You look at the candidate’s academic qualification, give them some IQ test and if they clear the test, they are called in for an interview. This process is quickly dying out as companies are now looking at have automated systems that help them filter candidates in a more streamlined way that uses assessments that make sure that a wrong hire never happens and talented candidates are not overlooked.

Pearson TalentLens has prepared a wide range of talent assessment tools that help ensure you have got the best individuals and teams on your side.

Team building is a three-stage process:

1. Identifying what important characteristics a candidate needs to have to be useful in the team
2. Assessing candidates on those characteristics
3. Build your team

With our talent assessment tools, your hiring process becomes well-informed, hassle-free, efficient, and cost-effective.

Why are talent assessments important?

Did you know, 65% of candidates who apply for a position in your company do not even meet the basic requirements for the job? This could be because a candidate might be from a culturally different background and might not be proficient in English. This means you might let great candidates slip out of your selection process because they found it difficult to take a traditional IQ test or might not have the highest level of qualification.

Companies like Google and Microsoft have stopped asking for a candidate’s academic qualification and instead concentrate on assessing them on characteristics that are important do a particular job like cognitive skills,  personality,  and communication. Technical knowledge can always be thought if a person has good learning agility but you can’t teach someone to be a good problem solver, decision maker, or critical thinker. This is why the traditional way of talent assessment is on the decline.

We at Pearson TalentLens help organisation step up their recruitment game by giving them access to our new generation of talent assessments that are redefining the recruitment process. Our expertise and legacy in test publishing span over 90+ years.

Pearson TalentLens’ advanced candidate assessment programs are designed to keep up with the rapidly changing talent identification landscape. No matter if you are hiring new candidates or building a new team involving your existing staff, talent identification will not be a daunting process for you.

Hiring an employee is a substantial investment. An intelligent talent identification process in place can help you make wise talent investment decisions.


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