Online Assessment Platform

The world has moved to digital. Today, most of us are always glued to our laptops, smartphone screens in terms of our work, entertainment etc. Realising that the mode of connecting with like-minded individuals online a time-saving process, many organisations are resorting to applying online digital tools; be it towards a more seamless approach to working and even scouting for prospects for their respective organisations.

On the subject of hiring and recruiting, a lot of companies are now incorporating online methods in their recruiting process to help provide a better understanding of the candidate and ensuring the right fit for the organisation. These are mostly online assessments.     

Online assessments, better known as computer-aided assessments, are online tools provided to assess the knowledge of the candidate for a specified role. These tests are regulated with the help of computers and a database network which supplements the questions to the respective candidates. These tests are usually conducted as a screening procedure when a large number of candidates are competing for a specific position. Online assessments are used to assess the cognitive thinking ability, communication skill, personality traits etc. of the candidates and analyse how well they fit into the job role. Another important use of these tests is that it analyses how well the candidates can align themselves with the work culture of the organisations. These services have almost become a go-to hiring tool used by large organisations during their recruitment process and also by educational institutions during the admission process.

Why Use Online Assessments Platforms

Companies use online assessment platforms to filter out candidates during the recruitment process. These tests are offered entirely online, making it paper free and hassle-free. Once the candidate submits the answers to the assessment, the system itself evaluates the responses and generates a detailed report on the individual prospect which results in the recruiters make better hiring decisions. The recruiters can quickly identify the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate, and determine whether the candidate is fit for the required job role.

How to pick the right online assessment platform

Specific criteria that should be looked upon before choosing the right online assessment platforms are mentioned below.

  1. Extensive Question Bank

The first thing to notice when choosing an assessment platform is the question bank. Since the assessment is conducted online, systems randomly select the questions and display them to the candidates. With an extensive question bank, the employer can make sure that no two candidates will get the same set of questions making the test more genuine and authentic.

  1. Questionnaire Design and Evaluation

The questionnaire and its evaluation play a significant role in online assessments. Who designs the questionnaire matters a lot when choosing a good assessment platform. Moreover, when selecting a test provider, priority should be given to how answers are evaluated, and how results are generated. Another point worth considering is how effectively the system prevents cheating, especially when there is no invigilator assigned during the tests. 

  1. Technical Support and Assistance

Many recruiters don’t possess the technical knowledge on how to run assessment software. So, it is essential for the assessment providers to make sure that the software is hassle-free, can assist the hiring team in every aspect of the tests and provide support in terms of using the software.

TalentLens is a leading company in this sector which provide solutions that help recruiters identify the great from the good. We provide an array of assessments that can be customised according to the individual company’s requirements making it a suitable solution for hiring. TalentLens provides online assessment platforms to help companies make the best decisions while hiring. Major tech companies like Amazon, Accenture, HCL, UBER etc. have enlisted their services during the hiring process.