Every year, companies invest highly in training programmes & workshops that have a direct impact on the businesses and the skill development of the employees. To be precise, this practice improves the productivity of the employees resulting in the overall growth of the organisation.

Not to forget, such HR initiatives turn out to be a high-cost affair. To evaluate the effectiveness of these programs from a financial standpoint, it is vital to calculate the return of investments associated with creating, conducting the training and measuring the results achieved by the employees.

In today’s globalized world, it is very critical that the employees communicate effectively with their colleagues, business associates, clients etc and therefore there is a noticeable trend where we see on how companies invest into time, effort and money, offering English business language courses from mid-senior level executives. This helps the employees to develop their business communication skills that in turn boost their morale.

The companies investing highly on learning programs have high expectations when it comes to calculating the Return on Investment (ROI).

The question you might have is what is the ROI on learning? Here are some FAQ’s that will help you understand how ROI is calculated on every penny invested.

1) Increasing reach & frequency to the newer geographies: Flawless business communication can attract new clients/customers and contribute to the growth of the organisation.

2) More meaningful communication: Trainings & workshops helps employees to get into more meaningful communication with not only their clients/customers but also as internal discourse thereby providing an overall pleasurable customer experience.

3) Recruiting top talent: Language training provides employees with opportunities to further upskill themselves thereby adding value to their career and can be one of the vital reasons for hiring top talent.

4) Employees feel valued: Learning helps employees feel rewarded and keeps them engaged with the company.

A solution to this is the Pearson English Online Test, which offers improved performance of learners globally to communicate, collaborate, and operate effectively with the clients. Right from mid-level to senior managers and higher up, Pearson Online English contributes to increase their language proficiency in personalized and private manner.

It is vital to promulgate a culture of learning. For a better ROI it important to have a determined learning framework where the associates and their business goals match. ROI on learning is difficult but not impossible with so many tools available.