The importance of English proficiency in business is an understatement. English is used by more than 85% of the World’s International Organizations.

From the organizational point of view, communication, as the most critical activity and system, guarantees effectiveness in all organizational processes, allows to improve the culture, image, and organizational identity and directly influences the public. If you are an online based business, then the communication skills of your employees are even more important as 55% of the internet are English speakers.

At this moment the management of internal communication plays a vital role, which is considered as one of the functions of the Human Resources Department, presenting itself as one of the fundamental instruments for managing and enhancing motivation, cohesion, identity and the climate of the organization’s employees. 80% of global business say English is needed to succeed in their businesses.

To ensure the dissemination of the image and values that the company holds dear. It needs individuals that have good communication skills to do so. I need to be clear when I say ‘individuals’, I mean, employees that would be interacting with the customers and representing your company. This is very important if you are a service-based company and depend on your employees to be the face of your company. Most of the time, a customer’s first impression of the organization is formed when they interact with the sales or customer service teams and if they have poor communication skills, you might end up losing business or worse damaging the brand of the company.

Just as it is important to have employees with good communication skills externally, it is important to have employees with good communication skills internally as well. Most business are global today and it’s important to disseminate the vision, mission, values, goals, and expectations of the company as effectively as possible. This can only be done if the English proficiency of its employees are up to the mark.

The best way to gauge the English proficiency of job applicants is to have a communication assessment that can accurately measure the writing, speech, and grammar. Pearson has some of the best communication assessments in the world and the same has been used by some of the biggest organizations in the world.

Versant is an assessment from Pearson TalentLens that is perfect for filtering candidates based on their communication skills. This communication assessment can be administered remotely, and the results of the assessment are generated immediately, and the reports give you an in-depth view of the candidate’s English proficiency.

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