Would you hire a candidate without even evaluating his/her ability? For holding a responsible position in an organization, an individual must carry the required set of skills and abilities, along with a decent experience and proven track record in the trade. Candidates with demonstrated abilities are most likely to be good, dependable employees.

Pearson TalentLens has brought in a range of ability tests that help HR managers and employers take wise hiring decisions. Namely: Raven’s Advanced Progressive MetricesTM which assess overall general ability – the aptitude to learn new concepts quickly and solve new and complex problems without drawing on prior knowledge. These tests become an important tool when there are hundreds and thousands of applicants presenting their candidature for an open position in your organization.

Our assessments help you check the overall as well as specific aptitude of a candidate. Our assessments can be taken by anyone, anywhere, and anytime. Based on the answers given by the candidate, you can easily evaluate and finalize him/her for a particular position in your team.

Each position and role requires an individual to possess a different level of dexterity. For example, a manager should have team building and effective communication skills, while a C-suite executive should hold strong decision-making, critical thinking, and leadership qualities. Similarly, entrants in your finance department should be good in accounting and mathematics.

We have a wide array of extensively-designed ability tests to help recruiters and organizations choose the right candidate for any position, department, and role.

Ability Tests Offered

  • Critical Thinking Assessment
  • Personality Assessment
  • Psychometric Assessment
  • Problem Solving Assessment
  • Language/Communication Assessment
  • Leadership Assessment
  • Decision-making Assessment
  • IT Aptitude Test
  • Work Style Assessment
  • IQ Test
  • Mechanical Assessment
  • Numerical/Mathematical Assessment
  • Scientific Ability Assessment

When it comes to signing up a candidate onboard, nothing is more important than his/her skills and knowledge in real time. With the help of Pearson TalentLens’ automated ability tests, employers can weigh up both these traits of a candidate before making an employment offer.

We have worked with thousands of businesses and HR firms with our quick, accurate, affordable pre-recruitment and pre-promotion assessment solutions. So as to help you understand the effectiveness of our assessments, you can try our demo. Call us for more info!