Critical thinking is a skill everyone needs. There’s hardly a job or task that doesn’t need it. That’s what makes the Watson-Glaser™ such a versatile ability test.

Here are six ways organizations can improve their performance with the Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal:

  • Screen applicants for management positions. If you’re hiring a manager in any field or a C-level executive, they must be great thinkers. Knowing a person’s CT skills upfront will save you money interviewing candidates that have great technical and people skills but lack the ability to make the tough decisions or set a strategy.
  • Predict performance. High Watson-Glaser scores correlate with good analysis and problem-solving skills, good judgment and decision-making, and good overall job performance. All skills a star performer needs! In short, critical thinking ability is more predictive of success than personality.
  • Assess candidates for working virtually. Virtual workers make a lot of independent decisions and you want to ensure they are good at evaluating online information and accurately assessing situations without being face to face.
  • Know the abilities of your current workforce. Watson-Glaser scores can help you make promotion decisions, create development plans for high potentials, and see if a team has the DNA to tackle a specific challenge.
  • Hire better salespeople. Salespeople and customer service agents represent your company and products. If they’re good critical thinkers, they’ll be good at recommending products and thinking through an issue before responding to customer complaints, questions, etc.
  • Become a thought-based organization. You should promote better thinking with the same zeal you promote honesty, hard work, and technical skills. Organizations that have good critical thinkers are prepared for higher levels of innovation, problem solving, and creativity – all competencies that will help you create real value in your market!

– By Chad Fife, Marketing Manager, Pearson TalentLens