TalentLens solutions address the significant employability relevance gap by identifying fundamental abilities
and skills that an individual requires to be successful at the workplace at any level in his career. Learn more about us


Effective use of all workplace competencies begins with good communication skills. Use scientific, reliable and accurate methods to assess them.

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The ability to make good decisions with limited time and information; judgement, problem solving, creativity and more.

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Identify a person’s value system to reliably predict motivators, behavior and adaptation to a role or organizational culture and reduce turnover.

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Clients Testimonials

  • Because the assessment identifies traits such as cooperation, dependability, and concern for others, it really fit into the culture we were trying to build
    Barry Burns, Senior Director of Human Resources
    Methodist Medical Center Hospitals, San Antonio, TX
  • Critical Thinking has become a must for most jobs today but, identifying a candidate with a high critical thinking ability was like finding a needle in a haystack but the Watson Glaser assessment is great at finding needles.
    Ameya Karambe General Manager – Strategy
    OD Carnival Group
  • We have found the RAVEN’S™ APM to be a good measure of fluid intelligence and it is especially good where other ability tests could disadvantage candidates from different cultural and language backgrounds.
    Smithfield Performance Limited
  • The DAT is an extremely helpful tool in assessing a wide range of cognitive and technical skills. Our organization has found the reports to be quite useful in differentiating excellent candidates from those that may not be as well prepared for a variety of positions.
    Dr. Frank Cushing