Pearson Academy India, the training divison of Pearson TalentLens, conducted a certification workshop on SOSIE  personality test on the 28th, 29th, 30th June, 2012 in Delhi for HR professionals and mid to top management professionals.

The workshop was conducted by Tanvi Chaturvedi, Product Development and Delivery Lead at Pearson TalentLens. The three-day workshop drew participation from professionals across industries like education, IT and functions like HR, Operations, and Sales & Marketing.

The workshop introduced the importance of SOSIE as an assessment of personality and values through a single instrument.  It helped them understand the use of SOSIE as a tool for Person-job fitment, not just based on traits but on motivators at work that are important drivers of performance on the job.

Taking the training to the next level, the workshop helped participants understand how two people with the same personality traits may act very differently as per their value system. The workshop also focused on helping participants think about what is important to them in a role, the strengths they bring to an organization and areas of development.

The participants were made to map the SOSIE dimensions to organizational competencies. Later they created an ideal profile for Sales and HR, and learnt to interpret a sample SOSIE report and interpret the profile for a role under consideration. Participants were also taught about the kind of feedback language needed to be used while using the SOSIE through one-on-one feed-back sessions. Case studies were shared about how SOSIE can be used for hiring.

Golden Personality Type Profiler Workshop

The Golden workshop was conducted by Dr. Aruna Kulkarni, empanelled Pearson TalentLens trainer on 19th, 20th and 21st April in Mumbai.

Leading companies ensure that they create foundations for individual growth, enhance team dynamics and personal and professional growth that fosters satisfaction and success within organizations. The Golden workshop introduced the importance of GPTP in increasing self-awareness and collaboration skills of employees.  The workshop also focussed on an in-depth approach to understanding team dynamics and how to build a dialogue development for team development using the GPTP.

Besides Golden Personality Type Profiler and SOSIE, Pearson Academy India conducts workshops on its flagship assessment – Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal, used for assessing Critical Thinking skills. For more details on our upcoming workshops please contact Bhavna Nagesh at and visit our training page.


“The workshop was conducted using a simple-to-understand, yet powerful pedagogical style that elucidated the concepts around the assessment very well. Hands-on exposure to the assessment was valuable as it helped me understand how to apply this assessment in my organization.”

Shubhangi Datta, Assistant Manager – Corporate HR, Escorts Ltd. – Datta Shubhangi, Escorts Ltd.