Webinar on Writing for business

The often taken-for-granted predictor of performance and business growth

About the webinar

Most of us realize that effective use of all workplace competencies begins with good communication skills!

Yet, business writing, a major component of workplace communication, tends to be side-tracked during hiring and development processes – even in the most progressive organizations.

In today’s global economy, where businesses are practically conducted via written communication, be it in the form of daily e-mails, creating RFPs, orwriting business reports, good written communication skills can often mean the difference between business success and failure. The written word, unlike what is spoken, is unsupported by contextual information such as tone, facial expression or body language. Such de-contextualized communication, if not applied appropriately, has the potential to create undesired impressions on clients, colleagues and customers, and worse, mar an organization’s reputation. Hence, organizations today are beginning to assess business writing capabilities in their talent pool, to ensure a positive client experience, brand-perception and ultimately positive business results.

The webinar addresses the following aspects :-

  • Communication Skills – Gaps between what organizations expect and where the talent lies – Highlights of the Versant Global and India Report from Pearson TalentLens.
  • Writing for business – A key predictor of job performance.
  • The fundamental difference between spoken and written communication skill – Possessing one is not the same as possessing the other.
  • Hiring mistakes – The taken-for-granted skill that is not really assessed during job interviews.
  • Automated assessments – Eliminating subjectivity in assessing business writing skills.