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Versant Tests

Effective use of all workplace competencies begins with good communication skills!

Do you use scientific, reliable and accurate methods to assess communication skills?

Why use Versant?

Many organizations use Versant tests to uphold language standards that are critical to customer satisfaction and employee productivity. When English language and communication skills are essential for success on the job, Versant automated tests can quickly and objectively screen candidates. The test is administered in just minutes by telephone or computer. Improve your staffing and talent management processes with these accurate, reliable tests that drive positive business results.

  • Competency areas – English oral and written language proficiency
  • Administration type – Automated by phone (spoken English), computer (written English)
  • Test duration – 8 to 15 minutes (spoken English), 35 minutes (written English)

Chat-IconHere’s what
some of our customers have to say.

“The Versant Pro – Writing Tests are very useful in developing email skills. We use the tests to create content for our custom email 2.0 classes. The most useful feature for me? The assessment of email “Voice and Tone” – such email skills are the ones that make all the difference for employees working across cultures and teams. I see the Versant Pro – Writing Test as a key tool to help us maximize the return on our time and training dollars.”
– Alka Pinto, Lead – India Learning Center, Qualcomm India Pvt. Ltd
“Backed with accurate and unmatched technology, the Versant tests helped us standardize and scale-up our recruitment process. This led to significant improvement in the quality of hires on communication skills which considerably helped us optimize both our recruitment and training bandwidth.”
– J. Abraham, Global Head , Learning and Development, BPS, Cognizant Technology Solutions